IO3 - Youth Card platform development

Output 3 - the Youth Card Platform development output is the technical manifestation of the innovative youth work and youth support processes this project creates. This Intellectual Output consisted of four main Tasks;

In the first set-up phase (Task 1) the access to the Youth Card ecosystem was arranged for all partner organisations.

In the following development work (Task 2) the tool was refined to provide added value based on the information it collects to all stakeholders involved:
- the Public bodies and institutions financing youth work,
- the professionals working with the youth, 
- the young people themselves.

In Task 3 the plan was to connect the Youth Card ecosystem to another tool called LogBook, bringing automation to collecting evidences as part of the qualitative evaluation of Youth work. However, the use of Logbook on national level was ceased in finland at end of December 2019 and the project was left waiting for a replacement to this tool in the future - with an API.

Task 4 was the biggest push of the Intellectual Output 3 - creating a mobile application - which is the format the young people nowadays prefer over a mobile optimized web page on their smart phones - to streamline the processes that form the backbone of this ecosystem; finding Activities, logging visits to them, displaying active Benefits and giving feedback.
In addition to these features, a new Forms feature was incorporated in the app to enable collecting opinions and enable voting about different issues. 

By logging visits end-users can gain points and achievements which can be rewarded. Application can also work as a safe short-time data storage for Youth workers managing Activities to inform them of special requirements of the Activity Participants.

The Youth Card Mobile App is available in Google Play and Apple App store:

Get it on Google Play Download on the App Store

The source code for the Mobile App has been uploaded to Github:

You can find the Youth Card platforms linked below.

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