IO2 - Youth card as aggregate

The goal of Intellectual Output 2 was to get the organisations working with Young people involved in the Youth Card ecosystem as widely as possible. This output consisted of a preparatory / marketing phase, a piloting phase and creating data-driven ways for utilising the eco-system in organising activities for the young people.
Key target group of this output were Youth workers and especially other youth work organisations acting in the partner regions.

As the outcome of Intellectual Output 2 

  1. Other organisations in partner organisation’s regions were informed and involved in the Youth Card ecosystem

  2. Organisations  were trained in using the Youth Card and provide feedback as external stakeholders

  3. Step by Step guide was created for youth work organisations on how to join the Youth Card.
    You can access the guide online here. 

  4. Methods for using collected data in activating youth were researched and tested

  5. Recommendations document was created, summarising the findings of the project.
    The document is available for download below.

IO2 Task 4 Recommendations Document


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